Monday, July 31, 2006

I am a few of your favorite things

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I have an adorable friend Colleen who was raving about how much she enjoys reading my blogs. She is one of those people whom I love making laugh, because her laughter is very genuine and contagious. At a dinner party this evening she quoted my blogs a few times and then said "Oh my God I am like stalking you!"

Stalking me? Please! I am inviting you all into the part of my little head that is spilling over with commentary, judgment, fury, excitement, randomness, nonsensical jibber jabber, offensive language, and observations. Calling anyone who knows "too much" a "stalker" cause they read these blogs is like me calling some a thief after giving them keys to my apartment and putting big note on the door that says "there is cash and jewelry in the left drawer of my dresser, help yourself!" (Note: I do not have cash nor jewelry in the left drawer of my dresser. Actually I don't have cash, period. To be honest I don't really have a dresser. Maybe I don't even have an apartment or a pen to even write a robber a note.)

Point being, if adding my blog, my Dear Douchebag blog, my website, and my Myspace page to your favorites makes you a stalker than my all means here are the keys to apartment and my heart.

The internet is creepy good like that. Remember back in the day when you had to wonder how someone was doing? Like let's say an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend popped in your mind, back in the day you'd have to actually bump into someone who knew him/her or better yet actually bump into your ex. Nowadays you need not wonder anymore. You can Google your ex, read their blog, visit their MySpace page, find their wedding registry and go around to every Crate & Barrel in his/her town and buy out all the 10" Stainless Steel Footed Colanders and then when his little wifey wants to make pasts she's going to have to suffer with some dumb ass plastic 8" unfooted Colander that she settled for at Target and then she'll be so frustrated that she didn't get her dream Colander that she'll start to act really snappy at your, I mean her husband and they'll start fighting and she'll say "if you really loved me you would care about what I use to drain our ziti!" and then she'll snap and go upstairs and start tossing all his clothes out the window like they do in the movies and they'll get the marriage annulled.

Yeah, the internet is pretty wack.

Wait, did the spirit of one of the Kris Kross brothers just take over my body for a second or did I actually just use the word "wack" as an adjective?

I just opened a new screen and Googled Kris Kross because I was wondering how they were doing. (This is known as multi-tasking or ADHD) According to the official Kris Kross site they are doing vague. The details on Kris and Kross's whereabouts are fuzzy but the fact remains, Kris Kross tricked rich white boys at my junior high to wear thier pants backwards to school.

Now back to me and how awesome my blogs are. I do realize that this blog has been lacking a bit. Since my famed I hate cats blog entry (5 people read it) and the more recent cult classic Dear Makers of Crocs letter on (6 people read it) I feel like I have a lot to live up to. This is why I tend to strive for being average, so that people don't expect you to always rock it so damn hard.

For you Giulia Rozzi historians this blog began as a place where I was going to delight the masses with my tips on being as the title indicates cute and cheap. Cute as in well, me and cheap as in bargain shopping. I have a gift for cheap finds but as I started in 2004 to try and teach the joys of inexpensive style I realized all I really do is shop the Urban Outfitters sale section and that every blog entry was about the Urban Outfitters sale section. Sure the city location may have changed but my obsession with mass-produced-hipstery- sizes made for teenagers-attire remained the same. And while I am still mad at Urban Outfitters for clearly stealing Johnny Cupcakes ideas I cannot resist a $3 tank top. Yeah I said $3 tank top. I got two of them today at the Urban Outfitters on Broadway and Houston in NYC today where they are currently having a $3-$10 sale on all their past season stuff. You have to go upstairs and follow the sign to this little room that is just filled with cheap clothes and accessories.

See there I go again with my cheap advice about the same damn store. Maybe I should have called this blog giuliaiscuteandindebtbecauseshewontstopbuying$3tanktopsshedoesntneed

Honestly, (because until this part of my post I have been lying) blogging is soooooo April 2006 so if this here blog ain't got that grove it once had 4 months ago, oh well. My energy has been going more towards the douchebag letters right now and that blog promises to always live up to its title.I plan to expand the blog to an actual site, include a few guest douchebag letters, and some fancier graphics.

But no matter what I want I have to keep this blog going, I gonna write for friends like Colleen, I gotta write for Urban Outfitters, I gotta write for my ex-boyfriends so they can know how I'm doing and I'm doing so very fine.

(Disclaimer: I actually do not have any ex-boyfriends, but ex-boyfriends sounds classier than ex-random dudes I've hooked up with).