Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It takes a what?

takes a thief
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While cross-training on the eliptical last night I watched It Takes A Thief on the Discovery Channel, the most bizarre show on televsion. Mind you, I did not have my headphones so I was unable to actually hear the program which certainly doubled my confussion, regardless this show seemed crazy.

If you haven't seen it, here's Discovery's explaination
"It Takes a Thief, a unique new Discovery Channel series that offers viewers something they've never seen before: a home burglary performed by convicted former thieves that is taped as it happens, followed by a lesson in what steps to take to prevent such a violation from occurring again.Hosted by reformed ex-cons Matt Johnston and Jon Douglas Rainey...Watch along with the homeowners themselves as the burglars size up, break in, and ransack the home in search of valuables."

Next season, the Discovery Channel wil have a new show where former sex offenders rape teenage girls. Watch along with the parents themselves as the rapist size up, break in, and ransack thier daughters in search of a TV show.