Monday, October 2, 2006

Let me try this again

Oh Giulia is cute and cheap, you are a hard habit to quit but I just don't have time to give you the love and affection you so deserve. I've tried to end our relationship a few times now but I think today is the day. We began as a humble little blog supposedly dedicated to offering people cheap shopping advice and cute thoughts, but your cheap tips were simple a repeated " Go th Urban Outiftters when they have a 50% sale" and your cute thoughts were well, actually they were pretty cute. Regardless, my lovin' is currently being given to my other sites and ( which is getting a makeover that will include a mini blog/updates page). So to those reading, if you link to this blog please change your links to one of the above mentioned sites. I promise I will still share some sweet-ass hilarity, insight, and cuteness in cyberland just not here. (ewwwh I just said "cyberland")
Now for a very special episode of my blog let's remember the good times with a retrospective of my favorite posts. Cue "I will remember you" by Sarah McLaughlin here.

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