Monday, October 2, 2006

Let me try this again

Oh Giulia is cute and cheap, you are a hard habit to quit but I just don't have time to give you the love and affection you so deserve. I've tried to end our relationship a few times now but I think today is the day. We began as a humble little blog supposedly dedicated to offering people cheap shopping advice and cute thoughts, but your cheap tips were simple a repeated " Go th Urban Outiftters when they have a 50% sale" and your cute thoughts were well, actually they were pretty cute. Regardless, my lovin' is currently being given to my other sites and ( which is getting a makeover that will include a mini blog/updates page). So to those reading, if you link to this blog please change your links to one of the above mentioned sites. I promise I will still share some sweet-ass hilarity, insight, and cuteness in cyberland just not here. (ewwwh I just said "cyberland")
Now for a very special episode of my blog let's remember the good times with a retrospective of my favorite posts. Cue "I will remember you" by Sarah McLaughlin here.

  • Disco Daddy

  • Business Binge

  • Suck my Dickinson

  • Weekend Top Ten

  • It Takes a What

  • A Blunt Powt

  • BFF Princess

  • I hate cats

  • Who's your yogi?

  • Creepy guys

  • Rome

  • t-hole

  • Reading List

  • Worst Intro Music

  • MTV

  • Asshole

  • Lo Mein

  • Biggest poop award

  • BAM

  • 10 Greatest Reasons

  • Gottans

  • Face Wax

  • Subway People

  • Blog Therapy

  • Be a dancer

  • Em-bare-assing

  • Who's your Papi

  • We did good blog, we did damn good.

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    1. Dear Giulia,
      Having looked through your great blog, I am inspired by your work. I thought you may be interested in our funny parody video “Tales from the Missionary Hut: Just Suck. It’s about shortages of clean drinking water across the globe and sadly the low horizons some schemes have. This film is available to watch and vote for here:!vo=%2Ftales-from-the-missionary-hut-just-suck-vK90uysTbL.html
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      I do hope you will consider voting for our film and I would be delighted to read your comments too. Do feel free to embed, share, copy and pass on this programme to anyone else who may be interested.
      Many thanks,
      Hannah Odonkor
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