Monday, September 25, 2006

Disco Daddy

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After an always fantastical Chicks & Giggles last week and a super fantabulous sold-out Mortified NYC show I didn't think my week could rock much harder...but then it did.
I spent Saturday night drunkenly dancing with some of my favorite girlfriends. I woke up Sunday morning absolutely spent desperate to just stay in bed and watch whatever MTV/VH1 marathon I could find. But alas I had my final wedding to attend of the season. Yeah, I know a Sunday wedding but that is how Italians roll ( Google it). There was no way in hell I wasn't going to muster some energy to witness one of my favorite things in the entire world- my family drinking and dancing.
First we enjoyed an endless stream of giggling throughout cocktail hour at the copious amounts of appetizers my tiny little parents successful manage to shovel down their throats. Yes, my parents favorite food to eat is anything with the ingredient "free" , they also enjoy eating things that have a dash of unlimited, all-you -can-eat, or complimentary. There was one app that was a cod salad ball thingy that my dad took a bite of and said " Blagh, this is no good." Yet each time the waiter walked by with a fresh platter of fish puffs my dad took two.
"Daddy you just said you don't like those things."
"Yeah, I know."
After a lovely meal it was time to do what my family does best, make absolutely adorable fools of ourselves on the dance floor and this evenings dance captain was my daddy.
Someday I will post tape of this experience on here but for now just close your eyes, well actually don't because then you can't read this. For now, just read this and then close your eyes and imagine the following- a little man with grayish white hair. This man spends most of his waking hours working even though he is newly retired. When you see him he'll grunt "hello" under his breath followed by some negative comment about how you parked your car crooked in the driveway and then he'll ask " what are you stupid?" Now imagine this little man as that dude in the middle of the circle on the dance floor for four hours straight. His moves look more like cardio kickboxing than dancing as his shimmy's his hips and punches the air at the same temp regardless of the songs beat. It’s almost the way those dancing Santa’s move except less coordinated. At one point he was doing some sort of awkwardly choreographed dance with the only black guy at the wedding during "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. Yeah, even black male dancers dig my dad. Then he grabbed my mom and rocked out to Pink’s “Get the party started” cheering "I'm coming out, I'm coming!" Before I could react my dad was being sandwiched by two women during “I’m bringing sexy back” by Justin Timberlake. Ahem, I said my father was being sandwiched my two women. One of the women went as far as to wipe my fathers face with a cloth napkin and fan him down so he could get some water. It was very Elvis-style rock-star-ish. And it was very beautiful.

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